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#The art of making a film popular# -Deccan Chronical about Shaz Shabeer

#The art of making a film popular#

Come every Friday and a celluloid dream is either made or trampled on. The cast, storyline and technicians are important but another factor is increasingly holding sway over the destiny of a film’s outcome and that is marketing.

Perhaps Shaz Shabeer is the man to talk about it, as he has been in the film marketing business for 12 years.

An ad filmmaker, Shaz speaks about his forte, “Marketing is done here, but it does not utilise the right resources. Bollywood films are marketed well virally too which is the emerging scenario in Mollywood now. I believe that a film is 40 per cent movie and 60 per cent marketing.’’

His firm Srikers and Crew provides a platform of designing entire feature films in Molly wood for directors, in order to ensure the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking using the services of over 80 technicians and professionals at hand including marketing the movies.

An inherent interest in films had Shaz stepping into this field but it was Prithviraj who mooted the idea of film marketing. Says he, “Prithviraj’s Puthiya Mukham was edited in my studio and he suggested the idea of adapting marketing for a film’s promotion. I went along with that idea, did the marketing for Puthiya Mukham and came up with the idea of net posters for the first time in Thanthonni.’’

He believes that films with superstars speak for themselves otherwise a buzz has to be created and marketing should reach target audiences.

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